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There are many commonly asked job interview questions at various stages during the hiring process. See this link for such queries and smart answers you can give. Let’s consider for a moment the last step of the hiring cycle – meeting senior management.

You normally get to interview with senior managers only if the previous interviews have gone well and you have been positively recommended by the other managers. Many commonly asked job interview question at this stage is the same as what was asked at earlier meetings.

In that sense, this interview is usually only a formality. The senior manager wants to know who he is adding to his team. For this reason, such interviews can be fairly short. They know that many of the commonly asked job interview question has already been handled well earlier.

However, treat this interview with all seriousness and be prepared to field questions about your past accomplishments and background, just as you have in the earlier interviews.

The other thing to consider is interviewing with a board. This is common for recruitment to Government bodies, although private sector companies use it as well.

Board interviews feel like ‘grilling sessions’. But the fundamentals of how you prepare for one are not different.

The added element here is the interpersonal dynamics of the board members. Very often, the board members are trying to impress each other, even while their primary job is to evaluate you! That’s one of the valuable tips for interviews.

Therefore, you must be tactful and diplomatic in handling a board. When you are asked a question by one person, answer that person, but do not exclude the other members. You can do this by occasionally glancing at the other members while answering the question.

A group interview can be an effective demonstration of your interpersonal skills and ability to handle group dynamics.

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