Know effective answers to these executive interview questions – and get a real edge

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Given the highly competitive business environment, executive interview questions today are aimed at making sure that only the right person gets hired. That’s why effective preparation is the key to landing good jobs. This selection of executive interview questions needs to be considered carefully.

Dig up facts about the company, industry and the persons you’re meeting. And of course, about the job itself. That’ll give you the foundation to tackle these executive interview questions. Look thru the rest of the site for free interview answers.

  • The most common opening question in job interviews: Tell me a bit about yourself. (See this resource on interview answers for an exact strategy on answering it)
  • Give me an example of how your major weakness has caused problems at your job
  • What three words describe you?
  • In a group setting, are you generally a leader or a follower?
  • How did you define success when you were in college? How do you define it now?
  • What makes you think you will fit in with our company?
  • How have your job responsibilities evolved since your joined your present employer?
  • Tell me how you handled a major challenge at the workplace?
  • What is your approach to dealing with recalcitrant staff?
  • How much leeway do you need in decision making?
  • How do you motivate your staff?
  • According to you, what’s the major issue facing this industry today? How will you handle it?
  • How well networked are you with peers in this and other industries?
  • Describe your ideal job?

These executive interview questions aim to reveal the real you. The preparation you do will definitely stand you in good stead.