Meeting with your prospective boss — Interview questions and best approaches

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Before getting into interview questions, a few basics. This is usually the most critical interview in the hiring process. The manager you report to or those at 1 — 2 levels above him are usually the key decision makers. That makes these free interview questions very important.

Interviews with your bosses are likely to be technical and will get into the nitty-gritty of your work and your accomplishments. Therefore these free interview questions and the kinds of answer to questions in interview you must give are tailored accordingly.

Your boss is primarily interested in one thing – can you create results for him and help him meet his objectives? You need to compellingly showcase your background, your work and accomplishments.

You need to develop what we call contribution statements. They’re short, verbal snapshots of what you can do for them and a demonstration of your skills. You will have to describe ways in which you made a difference in your previous work.

Summarize your key accomplishments and skills with specific examples of each.

This is where your preparation, including fact gathering about this organization, can come in handy. If you have taken the trouble to learn as much as possible about present and future challenges of this organization, you can show how you can help solve those problems or add value in other ways to his work.

Typically, the manager interviewing you is also keen to fill the position and have a competent person on the job as soon as possible. He’s hiring because he needs someone to do a job and produce certain results.

Therefore, in a real sense, he wants you to succeed at this interview and later, at the job. Carry this thought with you.

Here’s a list of common free interview questions and the sort of answers you should be giving. Check it out now.