The untold story of second interview questions for candidates

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What do round two interview questions really focus on? Well, you know that if you’ve been called back for a follow up meeting, you’ve made the first cut. In most cases, second interview questions focus on the issue of fit.

They already know you can do the job. Now they want to make sure you’ll fit in and that you actually want the job. That’s what employment second interview questions are all about.

That being the case, the second interview will not focus on basic information, your background, etc, in most cases. They want to get to know you as a person.

There are two common traps you can fall into. One, you might get overconfident thinking the second interview is just a formality to get over with. That may not be the case. Second, you might go to the other extreme and put yourself under severe stress. That’s unnecessary too.

Do be vigilant and take the second interview seriously. You should focus on developing a good rapport with the interviewers. That’s important.

Ask them if they have anything that stands in the way of selecting you for the job. Often, this will reveal any objections / doubts they have in mind. And you’re now able to overcome those objections.

Also ask them where they are in the decision process, the time-frame involved and what the next step is.

If you keep these points in mind, you’ll find it easier to deal with all second interview questions that come your way. Follow the previous link to find more about questions and possible answers.