Three secrets to successfully fielding tough job interview questions

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It is important to anticipate interview questions and prepare them. At the same time, your responses should be sound natural and not come across as if you memorized them. This is a mistake many job seekers make when preparing for interview questions.

Ensure that you are clear about the core ideas you are projecting — your accomplishments, skills, strengths, etc. That’s one of the best tips for interviews. You can even rehearse these responses to interview questions.

But do not memorize a written script word for word. Just remember the key ideas you want to convey and let the words flow at that specific time. That’s the first secret to dealing with questions.

The second secret is to light their fire. What does that mean?

One of the most overused, yet highly relevant words in connection with interviews is enthusiasm.

If you project enthusiasm and energy, you can see the other person lighting up as well. Perhaps not always, but the effect is there, although interviewers sometimes try to maintain a poker face and not give away their feelings via body language.

Some job hunters maintain a bland, detached expression and body language answering questions at interviews. That’s a big mistake. So is speaking in a monotone, with no voice modulation.

Make sure that you radiate enthusiasm and energy, speak in an appropriately modulated voice. You can light their fire easily if you have yours burning brightly.

One of the most effective actions you can take in interview situations is to smile often!

A sincere, confident smile. Not one of those plastic varieties which appear to be fixed permanently on the face. Even smiling should not be overdone.

More than once, recruiters have told me that they hired someone over another equally qualified candidate because the former was a pleasant person who smiled a lot.

Now, I don’t know whether that’s rational or logical. But I do know it works. Remember the power of a sincere smile — and use it as your secret weapon!

These three secrets can take you a long way when you are responding to interview questions.

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