What do they look for when they ask culture fit interview questions?

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You’ll likely encounter culture fit interview questions when looking for a job. Work style, values, personality are all important elements that determine whether you’re a good match for the company. Culture fit interview questions aim to reveal how you fare on these factors.

Your work style is a key part of the equation. They’ll ask culture fit interview questions to gauge your work ethic, level of formality, team orientation and work schedule. Do you take your job seriously enough? How much of commitment will you make to the company?

Employers want to know if you fit best into a formal, conservative climate or the opposite. Their culture fit interview questions will also try to understand your schedule preferences – are you a clock-watcher who wants to leave on the dot of five? If they have major overtime requirements, are you willing to meet them?

The image you project while you do your work is important. They want people who are somewhat similar to themselves in some aspects. The way you dress and how you carry yourself are part of this.

Your team orientation is a key part of work style. Do you prefer working with a team of people or are you basically a loner?

Your personal values are another very important part of your ’employability’ equation. Values may include creativity, being an excellent communicator, making tons of money, being helpful to others, and lots more.

Like individuals, organizations have values too. For example, one company may value cost-control above all else. Another may be more oriented towards creativity and innovative solutions. Culture fit interview questions seek to find out if there’s a viable match between your values and those of the organization.

Your personality is also a critical, yet difficult-to-quantify variable in interviewing. Some jobs may call for someone who’s assertive, tough and politically savvy. Others may require someone who’s a terrific people manager. You can expect culture fit interview questions that probe whatever personality characteristics the interviewers think are important.

As with all other aspects of job hunting, research on the company you’re meeting plus some careful thought about the above issues will reveal the likely culture fit interview questions you’ll face. Good preparation is, after all, one of the best tips for interviews there is.