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Many employer interview questions aim to answer one basic question – can this candidate do the job? After all, they’re hiring him to produce specific results. There are several aspects to this question and employer interview questions reflect that fact. Your answers to tough interviewing questions must take them into account.

The candidate’s professional qualifications (if they’re called for), his knowledge level, etc are all relevant. But more than all that, employer interview questions also seek to find out if the candidate has the experience and track record.

The candidate must have relevant experience. Usually, that means having worked in the same or closely similar area for a minimum time period.

This is the area where the candidate must provide the maximum ‘hard evidence’. Experience does not just mean having worked in such and such areas. What it primarily means is that the candidate has a track record of having produced results in those areas.

That’s what employer interview questions basically aim to find out.

In the case of a manufacturing firm, for example, they may want someone who has headed manufacturing for another automobile parts manufacturer who has successfully setup production facilities for a new line of products and has handled regular production to provide the required output.

Tying in to the candidate’s experience is the list of skills and strengths he has. Some of these skills are common to many areas – such as the ability to manage people, to communicate effectively in writing, etc. These are called transferable skills and they form key components of the candidate’s profile.

If the candidate is changing careers or if he is a fresher seeking entry into the job market, then transferable skills become critical. In such cases, the candidate may have experience in areas unrelated to what the new job requires. But there are still ways of effectively showcasing such skills.

The company would look for several less defined qualities as well – these include the candidate’s personal qualities, traits and other things. Personal qualities include things like leadership, creativity, extroverted-ness / introverted-ness, ability to work under pressure, ability to carry people along and a whole host of other variables.

An employer usually wants to hire someone who can adapt himself well to such situations. So you can expect employer interview questions that will probe this aspect of your makeup.

In fact, adaptability is an increasingly important criterion these days. When the marketplace throws up as many uncertainties as it does today, companies must literally adapt or perish. And they want candidates who can do that.

Once the company has looked into the above, they would be able to answer the question ‘Can he do the job?’

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