Tips on giving good answers to interview questions posed by Human Resources folks

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Giving good answers to interview questions is the essence of getting the job you want. To be effective at this, not only must you prepare well, you must also tailor your responses to the kind of people you’re meeting. Here’s what you must do to give good answers to interview questions from the HR guys.

Remember, you always need to set the bait to suit the fish. Meaning, what constitutes good answers to interview questions with the HR folks may not be so effective with the line managers. That’s one of the best job interview tips there is.

Like the recruitment agent, human resource managers (HR managers) also function as gatekeepers and if you perform well with them, they then put you onto the next set of people to interview with. Thus, they may be the first point of contact you have with the company.

Think of these managers as a filter, whose function is to screen out unsuitable candidates.

On the other hand, this is not always the case and there are many situations where the initial interview is with the operating manager and the human resource managers come in only at the end, to negotiate salary and other terms.

HR managers are typically generalists. They have to be, because they look after recruitment for all areas of the organization and so will possess only limited insight into any specific function. Thus, your interview with them is likely to be general and focused on you as a person, your background and general accomplishments.

One of the areas they may be interested in is your career progression. It helps to convey that you’re following an overall career plan and explain where this company fits in.

Within an organization, HR managers are the ones likely to be doing the most interviewing. You should assume that they are skilled interviewers and put forth your best foot forward in these interactions.

Present your professionalism, your abilities and accomplishments to these managers. Since they are not technical specialists, do not use jargon or assume in-depth knowledge when you are making your responses.

In addition, you should clearly convey your knowledge of their organization and specific reasons why you are keen to work with them.

Those are the guidelines you must follow to give good answers to interview questions posed by HR managers. Follow the previous link for specific job interview tips you can apply right away with success.