The Post-Interview Thank You Letter – Is Yours Effective?

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Here’s what should go into effective thank you letters and emails after the meeting. As you know, the follow up is a critical part of getting hired for a job.

Unfortunately, it’s also one area many candidates mess up. Use these ideas for writing a thank you note correctly. Make an effort and send one that truly differentiates you from the crowd.

Most job hunters send a letter that merely expresses thanks for the interviewer’s time and mentions their interest in the job. Well, you should say those things, they are important as well. But there’s more to effective thank you letters than just that.

Do express your thanks for their time and efforts. Say something like “It was a pleasure to meet you and (mention the other interviewers’ names). Thank you for your time.’

Answer any objections they raised. Do in a straightforward, non-apologetic manner. By the way, don’t answer objections they did not bring up! You’ll raise new doubts in their mind if you do!

Re-state your strengths and specific skills that were of interest to the interviewers. During the job interview, you would have got a sense of what they were. This is again one of the critical tips for interviews.

Of course, do mention you are very interested in the job. That’s part of all good after interview thank you letter samples!

Mention that in keeping with what they suggested, you’ll call them in ‘X’ days time to know their progress in making a decision. To be able to take this step, towards the end of the interview, always ask “What is the next step?” That’ll give you the time-frame which you should mention here.

That’s what truly effective post interview thank you letters look like. Tailor-make your own to suit your situation and come out ahead!